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    Wush Wush Anaerobic Process

    In Santander, Mesa de Los Santos, Mr Jorge Rodriguez with his father, are growing and processing this truly exotic Wush-Wush varietal. At they farm, once coffee cherries are picked up, an Anaerobic Process is performed, fermenting the coffee cherries during 192 hours, in a fully controlled environment. After the dry process, water is added to obtain a uniform seal and highlight all the potential of these beans. After this careful process, coffee cherries are pulped, then coffee beans are floated to carefully discard beans that are not on track with the quality control, and then coffee beans are fermented during 48 hours more. After this journey, and for 15 days, coffee beans get sun-dried and milled to be shipped to our roasting facilities in Pittsburgh.

    Cup Profile:  

    High intensity fragrance with notes of hazelnut, jasmine, chocolate, subtle red fruits and leather. Aroma of high intensity with notes of brown sugar, chocolate, red fruits and walnut. Flavor with notes of leather, dark chocolate, dark caramel. Medium low acidity, tartaric. Pleasant and pronounced residual flavor with notes of cocoa and leather; Tall body, velvety mouth feeling