What makes Colombian coffee unique?

Authentic Colombian coffee beans in Pittsburgh

Colombia has a reputation for producing the finest-quality Arabica coffee beans. A small group of independent farmers constitutes the leading coffee-producing nation in the world. The beans are grown in Terrain and are cultivated meticulously and precisely. 

Colombian coffee beans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have become a favorite among coffee lovers. It is brewed and roasted to perfection to offer consumers a luxurious-tasting coffee. 

Are you wondering what makes the Colombian original coffee beans in Pittsburgh unique? Read on to find the answer:

It is Arabica coffee

In essence, Colombian coffee is Arabica coffee. The latter is one of the two predominant coffee beans that is cultivated across the globe. It is different in quality and flavor profile compared to other coffee varieties. 

Arabica coffee beans are picked and roasted uniquely, giving them an airy and light feel. The Colombian coffee beans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are slightly different from traditional arabica beans as they contain a unique citrusy flavor.

Distinctive flavor profile

Defining a bag of Colombian coffee beans as having only certain characteristics is quite challenging. However, some of the repeated flavor patterns are:

  • Chocolatey sweet flavor
  • Moderate acidity
  • Caramel sweetness with a nutty undertone
  • Apple, berries and other fruity flavor notes
  • Citrus aromas
  • Hint of spice

Acidic and sweet flavor note

One prominent factor that makes Colombian coffee unique from other varieties is its acidity and sweet aftertaste. It is a slightly sweet-tasting coffee blend that is appreciated by a majority of coffee lovers. 

Colombian coffee has a golden, light and mildly sweet taste with a citrusy note. It makes the experience luxurious and rare when compared to other coffee varieties. 

Rich medium body

Another characteristic that makes Colombian coffee so unique is its rich medium body. It is a golden, airy, light and medium-body coffee compared to other blends with full body and slight bitterness. 

Its rich medium body not only makes it an excellent choice for espresso but also for creamier options such as mochas, Lattes and cappuccinos. It is also ideal for cold coffee with ice cream or cream. It's a light yet aromatic coffee that makes it unique and loved by many across the globe. 

High-quality standards

Colombia has a rigorous coffee production process that has been supported by The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation for almost a 100 years. Most farmers harvest their crops manually and might use a de-pulping machine, with agri-tech support provided by this organization. The rest of the process is conducted by hand. Their meticulous inspection not only at the farm level, but also at the port level, ensures that the finest quality coffee is served to you. You can pick between Excelso Café de Colombia or a Product of Colombia, which, in both cases, you will obtain amazing flavors. Excelso Café de Colombia is often known for washed processed coffees, while sacs labeled with the Product of Colombia mark call for new processes and techniques such as natural & honey process, or controlled fermentations, including lactic, carbonic maceration or anaerobic processes. 

Bottom line

Colombian coffee offers a golden, sweet, rich and luxurious experience. Thanks to numerous brands and e-commerce websites, you can enjoy them in the comfort of your house. All you need to do is locate an authentic seller of Colombian original coffee beans in Pittsburgh that works on a direct trade relationship basis.