coffee cherries drying for natural process

What we do

A Journey to Find the Best Coffee and Cacao In Colombia

Starting with nothing more than a passion for Colombian culture, heritage, and, of course, coffee and cacao, we set out to build relationships directly with farmers who had the most flavorful coffee and fine flavor cacao available in the entire country.

As a family-operated venture, we enjoy working together to create the best experience for customers, farmers, and communities. COLOMBINO continues to discover new farmers who take the utmost care with every step of their process. Our goal is to bring an authentic Colombian experience straight to you with artisanal products and delectable flavors.

A Commitment to Traceability

Unlike commercial coffee farms or worldwide corporations, Colombino is built on relationships and small-batch quality. We are dedicated to full traceability and transparency, so you know exactly where your premium coffee and fine cacao originated. 

Our roasting processes are done with care and precise technique to ensure a consistent flavor, bright aroma, and the indistinguishable Colombian smoothness that keeps us all craving for more. 

A Partnership Dedicated to Quality, Culture, and Diversity

Based in Pittsburgh with a coffee shop in the Strip District, we have built an intercontinental relationship with the farmers in Colombia. With partners from both countries, we aim to create a diverse, welcoming culture for all. 

By spreading the wonders of Colombian culture and bringing them to the United States, we not only provide the highest-quality coffee and cacao ingredients but also bring with us pride and love for the country these exotic flavors come from.