What is cascara? All you need to know about coffee cherry tea

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What is cascara? All you need to know about coffee cherry tea
Coffee beans produce cascara. Cascara, Spanish for husk or peel, is the dried skin obtained from the berries of the coffee plant. Commonly referred to as coffee cherries or coffee cherry tea.

Cascara was originally thought to be a waste product after the coffee making process. People all over the world are now buying coffee cherry tea for its rich antioxidant properties and unique taste.

Todays blog will discuss everything you need to know about coffee cherry tea. Feel free to ask any questions along the way. Our contact information is listed below. 

How is coffee cherry tea made?
First, coffee growers on the production end wash the seeds and separate them from the fruit. The husks are then quickly dried in the sun, resulting in a dried, drinkable husk.

For the consumer, you should steep your cascara in cold or hot water to best enjoy it as a herbal infusion. Here, all you need is a tea strainer, water and your favorite mug. The amount of peel you consume will depend on how strong you like your coffee cherry tea. However, 5g (1.13 teaspoons) per 100ml is a good start. Steep for four minutes and enjoy!

What does coffee cherry tea taste like?
One of the things you should know about coffee is that each variety is unique. This means that each blend has its own unique flavor profile, depending on how and where it was grown. Coffee cherry tea has a refreshing and sweet taste, much like traditional tea and other tisanes, such as hibiscus. 

How much caffeine is in cascara?
To avoid bouncing off the wall after a few cups of coffee cherry tea, it's important to determine how much caffeine it contains. We recommend 5g (1.13 teaspoons) per 100ml. Moreover, coffee cherry tea isn't as invigorating compared to your regular coffee. Even the strongest brewed coffee cherry tea has less caffeine than brewed coffee or a cup of black tea.

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