Tips for brewing unique coffee at home

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Do you want to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee but don’t have the time or energy to visit a cafe? Buy unique coffee in Pittsburgh and brew it at home. Often, people find the thought of brewing coffee at home intimidating. But, with the correct technique, you can easily accomplish the desired taste and aroma. 

Read on to learn expert tips for brewing coffee at home. 

Use fresh whole bean coffee

The aroma and flavor of your cup of coffee is greatly influenced by the quality of coffee beans and their roasting date. Immediately after roasting, beans start degassing, carrying the flavor with them. Freshly roasted coffee beans are at their peak flavor 8 to 14 days after roasting. Shop from luxury brands of coffee in Pittsburgh as they roast the beans on demand. Grind the coffee beans just before brewing to ensure you get most of the flavor and aroma profile. 

Grind Setting Matters

Different coffee grind sizes are recommended for different brewing methods. How do you determine the right grind size? By its taste and time. 

For pour-over recipes, the coffee should be brewed in three and a half minutes. If the coffee brews too slowly, the grind size is too fine. On the other hand, if it brews too quickly, the grind is too coarse. A sour and acidic coffee indicates a coarser grind. In contrast, bitter coffee is the result of too fine coffee. 

When you buy unique coffee in Pittsburghyou must research the grind size recommended for your brewing method. Generally:

  • A coarse grind is recommended for French Press
  • A medium grind is recommended for AeroPress and pour-over
  • Fine grind is recommended for Espresso

Brew in filtered water

Did you know that the taste and quality of the water influences the flavor of brewed coffee? If the water you are using has a strange odor or tastes weird, then your cup of coffee will too. To enjoy an exceptional morning cup, use purified or filtered water. 

In some areas, tap water is refined enough for brewing. However, it might not be accurate for every city. In such a situation, you should use water that went through a home filtration system. Don’t use distilled water, as coffee needs some mineral to brew appropriately and taste delicious. 

Maintain the right water temperature

To extract the most flavor from your luxury brands of coffee in Pittsburgh, you must brew the coffee at an optimal temperature, between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also impact the brewing speed.

If you brew the coffee with water at a temperature below 195 degrees Fahrenheit, you won’t be able to enjoy its distinct and acidic flavors. On a similar note, water above 205 degrees Fahrenheit will extract a more bitter taste. The right temperature will extract complex and sweet flavors without spoiling it with a bitter flavor. 

Bottom line

Brewing coffee at home doesn’t need to be complicated. Follow the tips shared above to enjoy a cafe-like experience at home.