Our Story

Welcome to COLOMBINO Coffee & Cacao, where every sip and bite carries the spirit of Colombia.

Meet Sebastian, David & The COLOMBINO team, the heart behind our journey.

Welcome to the heart of Colombia in Pittsburgh – COLOMBINO Coffee & Cacao. Meet Sebastian & David, the soul behind this unique haven, where the warmth of Colombian heritage meets the robust flavor of carefully sourced coffees and cacaos from the greatest farmers of all time, along with crafted traditional foods and snacks. 

Sebastian's journey began in the lush landscapes & farms of Colombia, where family-business trips to coffee, cacao, and fruit farms ignited his passion. Eventually joining his family's business, he connected with Colombian farmers, laying the foundation for what would become COLOMBINO and their direct trade/relationship sourcing model. 

After serendipitously sharing Colombian coffee during side hustles, Sebastian met his business partner, David Rice, a crucial spark in this journey. The dream of a U.S. coffee shop took shape in Pittsburgh's Strip District, with a grab-and-go kiosk concept, launched during the pandemic in 2020.

The South Hills B&M location blossomed on April 1 of 2023, becoming a haven for coffee aficionados. Sebastian's parents joined as investors, infusing familial warmth into COLOMBINO.

Roasting his own beans became pivotal, differentiating COLOMBINO's coffee. Sebastian's expertise in cacao, was crafted through a multiple trips to growing farms and manufacturing facilities of craft chocolate in Bogota. This Journey helped to birth the renowned Mocha, a signature drink blending the finest coffees and cacaos sourced from Colombian farmers.

At COLOMBINO, we import green beans directly from Colombian farmers, ensuring each cup reflects our commitment to quality and authenticity. Our cacao drinks, like the versatile "drinking chocolate," redefine the coffee shop experience.

Step into COLOMBINO Coffee & Cacao – where every sip tells a story, and every flavor reflects the spirit of Colombia.