Exciting Facts You Need to Know About Best Colombian Coffee

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Globally, Colombian coffee is known for its rich flavor. Today there are a number of exciting Colombian coffee facts organizations use to make coffee taste special and unique with every sip.

This blog will share several exciting facts you should know about the best Colombian coffee. The goal is to guide businesses through production and ensure that you buy the best Colombian coffee. They include the following;

1. Colombian Coffees are processed wet

One interesting fact that guides businesses through producing the best Colombian coffee is the wet process. Organizations use a wet process to produce high-quality coffee. Entailed in this process is the removal of the pulp, mucilage, and skin of the coffee cherries through fermentation and using water. This is necessary to create a more pleasing acidity.

2. Colombian coffee contains antioxidants

Another helpful nutritional fact you should know about Colombian coffee is that it contains several elements designed to protect the cells from damage. Since this is one of the major sources of chlorogenic acids, organizations use it to prevent cancer and other diseases. It also contains elements designed to control blood pressure.

3. Colombian coffee helps to minimize the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

One interesting thing you should know is that you can easily process the amount of sugar in your body by drinking Colombian coffee. This, in turn, minimizes your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Moreover, several studies show that people who drink more than one cup of coffee a day have a lower risk of about 11% developing type 2 diabetes.

4. Businesses that grow Colombian coffee do it with so much love

Another interesting fact you ought to know is that there is a large amount of love and care that goes into every coffee cherry that is picked. This has more to do with it being a lifestyle than a family business. Moreover, there is an “Excellence Cup” where growers compete to see who grows the best coffee. This alone involves so much pride, time and effort.

5. Colombian coffee involves a unique harvesting process

When the harvest season arrives, workers often check their coffee plant at least every ten days to help them select the best coffee cherries. This process is known as “cherry-picking”. During this unique harvest process, the cherries are often left to mature till perfection. Since each bean is hand-picked, the chances of selecting an unripe green bean are low.


You can decide to grow your Colombian coffee using knowledge from the above-mentioned facts, or you can buy Gesha Natural coffee online.