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    100% Pure, Raw & Unprocessed Local Honey (Pittsburgh, PA. Wexford)

    Highview Honey is a small family operation in Wexford, PA. that started in 2013. The Rice Family got into the craft of honey for fun, enjoyment and love for sharing their honey with friends, family, and neighbors. The honey we bring to your hands is carefully extracted, with all the due respect for the the bee's and the ecosystem around us. Its raw & unprocessed to preserve all the benefits of real honey.

    The state of the art Hive Sentry was invented by Rice Family due to the frustration caused by insects and rodents infiltrating their hives. With the Hive Sentry in use, summer honey harvest soon grew to more than we could give away, upwards of 17 gallons!

    Depending on the day of harvest, the honey will change it colors and clarity, so often time you will find clear honeys or darker ones.