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    Natural Castillo Lactic Fermentation

    We are so excited about our Lactic/Alcoholic Fermentation Coffee release with 3rd Generation Farming Family Cucuñame Balcázar. On their farm in Cauca, Colombia, Don Juan leads the process with his sons, Julian and Diego Cucuñame.

    Julian, a biologist, leads the post-harvest process in his lab with a Fully Controlled Fermentation Process. All variables such as temperature, time, and microbiological charge are controlled to assure top of the line quality and food safety.

    "With this amazing process performed at origin, we are able to assure that our coffee is free of mycotoxins, especially ochratoxin A, which is a toxin produced by mold, harmful to kidneys and a known carcinogen," said Julian Cucuñame.

    Cup Profile:

    The Cucuñame family coffee ranks at 88 points on the SCA Scale. It has high and sweet intensity fragrance with notes of almond, hazelnut, caramel, cinnamon, and malt.
    It has high intensity aroma and fragrance with notes of strawberry yogour, brown sugar, jasmine, and milk chocolate.

    The flavor highlights strawberry, raspberry, and malt. The residual flavor is pleasant and pronounced with notes of berries and ripe strawberries.

    The mouth feeling has a medium body and a velvety sensation.