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    Castillo Anaerobic Juicy Grapes

    Women Farmer Mrs. Luz Albani Suarez is really changing the farming landscape from her farm La Bretaña, Located in La Venta, Cajibio, in Cauca Department. She is performing a fully controlled anaerobic fermentation process, that brings incredible flavors and aromas to this Castillo Varietal beans. With her family, they are doing a washed process that brings a ton of value and you would be able to verify this on every sip you drink.

    We take pride in her journey, and we actually decided to make this coffee a flagship on our daily drip at our Colombino coffee shop in Pittsburgh.

    Cup Profile:

    A very intense fragrance and aroma reminds us ripe berries, and when we cupped we were truly amazed with its juicy blue grapes (Uva Isabella, grown in Colombia, is a tropical dark blue grape) flavors.

    Fragrance of medium high intensity with notes of caramel, dulce de leche and jasmine. High sweet and floral aroma with notes of grapes, jasmine and honey. Flavor with sweet grapes, plum and floral notes. Medium acidity, malic. Pronounced Residual Flavor, with notes of caramel and jasmine; Light, silky body.

    SCA Score: 89/100

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