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    Corinto, Cauca Colombia.

    The Corinto region of Cauca Colombia is characterized for a unique terroir that brings unparalleled acidity amongst caramel and chocolaty flavors. This blend features a perfect mixology of a washed process with a natural process, to bring flavors that works very well with the medium dark roast we do. Either you like espresso or brewed methods for your daily grind, this coffee will get you through the day with bold flavors.

    The natural lactic process beans we use are fermented in a controlled environment, using lactobacillus organisms during 180 hours, were PH, temperature and microbiological charged are totally under-control to assure food safety and amazing flavors and aromas development. On the other hand, we use also a Castillo varietal, processed under Washed methodology to assure a clean cup, free of defects and with a crisp flavor.